Houseplants at Bay Hay and Feed!bulbs 009

Bay Hay has a great selection of healthy, beautiful houseplants in a variety of sizes and price points. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select plants that will thrive in your  home, condo or office with minimal care.  We restock our houseplants often. If you are looking for a houseplant we do not have we will be happy to special order one for you.








With colder weather keeping us indoors, we rely more on our indoor gardens to soothe us. Indoor plants can enhance any living space. Plants help “soften the edges” of  interior design issues. They can also contribute to a healthier environment by removing air pollutants produced by gas furnaces and stoves, cigarette smoke, paint, and carpeting. Plants such as Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, and Spider Plants have proven to be very efficient air scrubbers.

We also have a wide selection of gorgeous containers that compliment and showcase the plant’s beauty.