The First IGA late fifties

Carrying on a tradition of service started over 75 years ago

Bay Hay and Feed is located in the original Central Store Building, built by Lucas Rodal in 1912. Like the Rodal family, Howard Block and Ce-Ann Parker supply feed, livestock and gardening supplies along with fencing and farm wear. In 1912, deliveries were made too, but with a wheelbarrow at first rather than a truck. Hay and feed were stored where the post office is now and moved aside for Saturday night dances. Bay Hay’s nursery and greenhouse occupy the old baseball field. Socks, leather and rubber boots are now stocked behind the “flour room” where wheat was ground earlier this century. Casual and work wear clothing is situated where the Rolling Bay Post office operated from 1915 to 1940. Times have changed, but when you stop in you’ll be glad to find that personal service hasn’t gone out of style.