Plastic tags recycling! Bring you plant tags to Bay Hay!

IMG_0923Styrofoam Collection

In September 2020 Bay Hay and Feed, in collaboration with Sustainable Bainbridge, collected three  50' semi load trailers full of Styrofoam!
Bay Hay hopes to collect styrofoam in the future again. Check the Sustainable Bainbridge website for updates.

Bay Hay and Feed brought a huge donation of food and diapers to helpline house!

Help Save the bees !

Bay Hay and Feed’s policy:
  • We have never and will never sell products with neonicotinoid insecticides for 2014-07-21_1700home or commercial use.
  • We have never and will never spray the plants that we have at Bay Hay with neonicotinoid insecticides.
  • We offer certified organic vegetable starts.
  • We are currently in the process of asking all our growers if they use neonicotinoids.
Tell congress to ban nionicotinoids  Here is what else you can do: bee advice

Lives & Lies Title ArtHistorical Museum Party  July 26  2014

It was a fun Party! It was called Lives and Lies of Rollingbay.
The fundraising event was organized by the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum for Rollingbay.

 Bay Hay and Feed delivering a Christmas tree at the Governor's Mansion 2013

1. Howard picking up Christmas trees in Washington State
2.  Later that day delivering several trees to the Governor's Mansion in Olympia.
3. Jay Inslee cutting the end of the tree to make a ornament.
4. Howard and Jay in front of the Mansion.
5. Howard and Jay bringing the tree into the Mansion.
6. Howard with Jay and Trudi and their 2013 Christmas tree.


Bay Hay and Feed Employee Volunteering 2013

Bay Hay and Feed started a new employee volunteer program. Here is the first employee volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in the Dominican Republic. Every year Bay Hay and Feed will sponsor an employee to volunteer anywhere in the world.

Jay Inslee Campaign Event at Bay Hay and Feed 2012

Bay Hay received an award June 2nd 2011

Howard and Ce-Ann received an award from the Interfaith Council.
The Interfaith Council presents the Repairing the World annually to a local business that has made major contributions to the community in ways that model the purposes of the IFC:
to work for justice, peace, dignity, healing, dialogue, and the common good.

 Home and Garden Show 2009

Having a booth at the home and garden show. That was organized by the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce.

Business Couple of the year 2008

Kudos to Howard Block and Ce-Ann Parker, for receiving the Bainbridge Island Chamber’s annual Business Couple of the Year award in mid-May 2008. Howard and Ce-Ann were also our honorary Grand Marshals in the Chamber-sponsored Grand Old Fourth of July Parade. For nearly three decades, the couple’s Bay Hay and Feed store in Rolling Bay has been an island retail icon and tourist attraction.