Garden and Landscape consultations

If you’re new to the region, new to Bainbridge Island, just in a new home down the street, or recently fell in love with gardening,

help take the guess work and uncertainty out of caring for your trees and garden.

Have your questions answered right at home with expert advice.

Schedule a time for an onsite visit to your garden with one of our staff Horticultural professional or our ISA certified Arborist.

Topics our experts can cover:

Planting Recommendations - Native Plants

Plant ID - Plant Care - Site Evaluation

Edible Garden Plants - Veggie Gardens - Forest Gardens

Fruit and Berries - Tools/Equipment - Basic Lawn Care

Tree Care - Pruning - Soil - Compost - Fertilizer

Irrigation and Watering - Labor Recommendations

Basic Consult - One hour onsite with one of our staff Horticultural professional,

and a 15% off coupon for plants, soil, and amendments at Bay Hay and Feed.


 In-Depth Arborist Consult One hour onsite with our staf ISA Arborist.


Consultation form

Give us a call, send and e-mail, or just drop by the Nursery to set up an appointment. 206-842-2813

Or fill out the consultation form above and bring that in or email it to and we will give you a call.