Emergency 5-Gallon Water Storage Container

Having a portable emergency water solution is critical. Each BPA-Free Blue Water container holds 5-gallons of water is made from heavy-duty food-grade plastic, weighs about 40lbs when full, and has a built-in handle for easier transportation.

Each container comes with a vent cap for better pouring, has a 3/4 inch threaded opening, and is made to be stacked. These food-grade containers are blue to limit light from entering and to control the outbreak and growth of algae in your water. Each container is roughly 15″H x 10″W x 12″D, making it highly portable and a small footprint for storage.

Bay Hay and Feed stocks the 20 or 30-gallon kit,  which includes the aquamira water purifying system, as well as the spigot. We can special order the larger sizes for you.

Get your emergency water storage in a better place with a few of these heavy-duty, 5-Gallon Blue Water Containers, you won’t regret it!

5-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Benefits 

  • 5-gallon Heavy-duty, BPA-Free Food Grade Plastic Construction
  • Stackable Ribs on Top, Matching Vents on Bottom for simple, effective Stacking
  • Dark Blue to control light and prevent Algae growth
  • Vent Cap included for smoother pouring
  • 3/4 Inch Threaded Opening
  • Built-in Handle for Convenience

Bay Hay and Feed also stocks the aquamira water purifying system that makes your water storage last 5 years!

Portable Toilet Kit, Including Toilet Paper, Liner Bags, and EcoGel

Having a portable sanitation kit really can come in handy, especially when disaster strikes and you have an emergency of your own! Introducing the Complete Toilet Set, the ultimate sanitation solution for emergency preppers!

Each Toilet Kit from comes with a 5 gallon bucket, sturdy toilet seat lid, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, liner bags, gloves, and EcoGel, a revolutionary new product that makes disposable of waste a dream come true. Each EcoGel Stick (10 included) is a pain-free way to treat up to 1 gallon of waste at a time. Simply pour the EcoGel powder into your waste to solidify the moisture, allowing you to seal the toilet liner and easily dispose of it.

Having a portable sanitation kit is an awesome addition to anyone’s emergency gear. You won’t be disappointed with the Complete Toilet Set, get one today!