Energy Logs

Amazing facts about Energy logs!Energy logs

Energy Logs or also called Presto logs, are a great alternative to firewood and are great for power outages. Bay Hay and feed has always presto logs in stock. You can pick them up yourself by the each or by the pallet (240) or Bay Hay and Feed can deliver the energy logs to your house on Bainbridge Island. Please call for current price and/or a delivery order.

Presto logs or Energy logs are:

  • Warmer: Produces more heat firewood approx. 68,000 BTU’s per log ( 7-8 lbs each)
  • Greener: 100% natural recycled wood with no chemicals or binders. Cuts chimney emissions by as much as 55%
  • Cleaner: No bugs or dirt with less ash and creosote means less maintenance for you!
  • Wiser: More heat and longer lasting for less money
  • Log Lighting Instructions