The bare root roses are here!

This is the time to purchase roses. They will be bare root for about 1 month, which makes them less expensive and easy to handle! We will hold them bare root in sawdust until they start to leave out and then the roses will be potted up. Come early for the best selection.

Start your seeds!

We have Territorial seed, Hudson Valley seed, Ed Hume seed, Botanical Interest seed and Renee Seeds plus we have a new local seed company called Salt Water Seeds. We have all the starting equipment that you will need.

Bare root fruit trees are here!

You can purchase fruit trees, shrubs and bare root trees In January and February. We have lots of varieties for a great value.  Bare root means these plants have been dug dormant and shipped to us without soil around their roots. We hold them in sawdust until their buds swell so that you have the opportunity to buy them without the transport or potting costs. They like to be tucked in when it’s cold, and wake up slowly with the chance to get their roots established before their buds break and spring is out of the gate!

Asparagus is here and Rhubarb & Strawberries-Raspberries will be coming in soon.Bare root Rubarb

Rhubarb and Asparagus are here, strawberries and raspberries will come in soon, they come bare root in the early part of the year, and if you can’t wait to start harvesting them, get them planted early. We pot them after mid-March and try to have them available for late spring sales. But don’t take your chances if you want the best selection and bare root prices.

Take care of your fruit trees during the winter monthsspray oil -dormant spray

Sunny winter days (you know the ones that can’t keep you inside) are the best ones for dormant spraying fruit trees and roses. Buds scales swell and allow our natural sprays to suffocate the overwintering pest eggs and fungus spores that may give you troubles. This is the right time of year to prune many plants especially because you can see their branching habits. Come on in for pruning advice, tools and books.

pruning toolsPruning tools

"Lasting" is a Bay Hay buzzword. Like well-made tools, durable garden supplies, slow release organic amendments and fertilizers, heirloom seeds and veggie starts, hardy plants. We believe that lasting goods (and we're not talkin' styrofoam) contributes to a sustainable economy. We're on the look out for better products at affordable prices. Our buyers are thinking hard about our inventory selections and are open to your suggestions and special orders. Gardening is an on going activity and so we grow too, along with you!


A Northwest garden’s got to have them! Some are bare root, some balled and burlapped, and lots come in pots throughout the year. They love our acid soils, they’re irresistible fresh and easy to freeze, and a Super Food! They have flaming fall colors and beautiful winter branching for your landscape. Top Hat is sweet as can be in a container. Blueberries are top on our list of edible landscape plants! 

Here is the reason why Bay Hay and Feed does not sell Peat Moss from our nursery:

The Real Dirt on Peat Moss