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February 11:     # 201 Everything About Bees

Introduction to bees, covering different types of bees and how they live and how you can support them, plus a small introduction to Bee keeping (including mason and orchard bees!). Taught by Bee expert Charles Schafer.

February 18:      # 202 Fruit Trees and Berries

De-mystifying the art and science of proper fruit tree and berry care.  Planting, pruning, training, disease/pest care and prevention, varieties selection and more.  Maximize the beauty and harvest from your fruit trees and berries! Taught by Arborist and Orchardist Nick Snyder.

February 25:    #203 How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Establishing a veggie garden is the investment that pays you back every day, whether its raised beds, in-ground beds, or the pots on your porch, setting out on the right foot will help ensure success. Soil prep, fertility, bed layout, irrigation, crop selection, and bed rotation will all be covered! Taught by Permaculturist/gardener Nick Snyder.

March 4:           #204 Everything About Chickens

Basic care from baby chicks to adult Chickens. How to take care of them and what to feed them and solutions for shelters, predators, diseases and pests! Taught by farmer Nick Snyder.

March 18:         #205 Happy lawn, Happy Environment

Environmentally sensitive practices for keeping a healthy PNW lawn. Establishing new and troubleshooting problem lawns - Proper lawn care year-round – Seeds mixes and soil care. Taught by Master Gardener Linda Treffinger.

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